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100% Human-Generated Transcription by
Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) Freelancers

Convert your video and audio to text

* Transcriptions include subtitles and captions for video (YouTube, Vimeo) content

Why hire our freelancers

100% Customer Satisfaction

As a social project, we take pride in making sure that all the work produced by our freelancers are on par, if not better than industry standards. Afterall, we are here to challenge the status quo.

Unlimited Document Editing

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the level of accuracy that we provide, feel free to request an edit of the delivered transcript.

Fair Pricing

We strive to ensure that our rates remain not just competitive and relevant to the transcription industry, but also, we ensure that our freelancers receive a fair and just income from the amount of hours dedicated to their service.

Change the Future Landscape of Opportunities for the Blind

We believe that empowering the BVIs to take on remote work online is the first step towards achieving economic equality and inclusiveness for the Blind community.

Directly Help the Disabled to Earn a Living

Unlike traditional charities that collect donations to be distributed to their beneficiaries, Matamata connects you as a client to a disabled freelancer based in Malaysia. When you hire their services, you’re giving them the chance to be equal contributors to the growing digital economy.

** While our transcription jobs are done by the Blind and Visually Impaired, we are opening our Quality Control positions to freelancers from other disability groups.

How to order a transcript

1. Send us an email

at with your media file, details(no. of speakers, language, length, etc), and your deadline, OR

Fill out the form below to request a transcript:

2. Receive a quote

from a representative within 2-4 days (time needed to confirm a freelancer).

Once we receive your payment, our freelancers will get to work.

3. Get your text file

delivered by email in your desired text format and within your requested deadline.

* You will also get a personal thank you note from the freelancer who was assigned to your project.

Good Reasons to Upload Transcriptions for Video Content

There are 466 million people around the world who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. At the time of writing, there are at least 300,000 Deaf Malaysians. If you don’t have captions on your videos, that’s a huge audience you won’t reach.

A study shows that 85% of social videos are watched with the sound off. While this is because turning the sound on may not always be a possibility for some, there are others who prefer to watch on mute.

A study shows that 66% of videos without subtitles were watched to completion, in comparison to 91% of videos with subtitles. If your channel is set up for monetization, this increase in watch time translates to a lot more of potential earnings from Ads.

Captions and subtitles increase social reach to a wider audience, and they attract better responses from viewers. (* A study shows that videos with subtitles boost video shares by 15% and 26% more call-to-action click through rates)

Subtitles or captions boost your SEO and ranking position in search results or as a recommended video. (Explanation: Adding captions to your videos increases the number of words and indexable search terms that help YouTube and search engines such as Google rank your videos higher than videos without captions)

Subtitles and captions improve a viewer’s comprehension and helps your students absorb your lessons better. They help students grasp new words or terminology that might otherwise be missed if a video has no captions.

Why Are YouTube's Automatic Captions Not Enough

Unfortunately, despite all the great reasons to include captions for your content, YouTube does not index the automatic captions. According to them, YouTube only indexes captions and subtitles that were uploaded by the content creator.

While speech recognizing technology is constantly improving, today automated speech to text transcription achieves on average 80% of accuracy as compared to 99% for human-generated transcriptions.

Automatic captions by YouTube are generated by machine learning algorithms to detect English that is spoken by a native speaker. Although automated speech to text technology achieves 80% accuracy for English native speakers, the number is significantly lower for Malaysian-based or localized content. Automatic captions for Bahasa Malaysia are also not yet available in the country.

Ready to start your first transcription with us?

Our freelancers are on stand-by and eager to convert your audio and video content into text.

Get started now!

Just fill out this form to request a transcript. Our team will get back to you within 2 to 4 days.​

Meet some of our freelancers

The freelancers that we work with have gone through multiple rounds of testing to ensure that the work that we deliver are up to industry standards. While they all come from diverse backgrounds, they each have the same drive and motivation to explore a new prospect:

Transcription services produced by the Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI)

Profile picture of Ming Soon

Thew Ming Soon

University Student

Profile picture of Jee Kouk An

Jee Kouk An

Job Seeker

Profile picture of Loh Wei Siong

Loh Wei Siong

Corporate Lawyer

Profile picture of May Fong

Chee May Fong

Customer Service


We measure the social impact of each order

Rest assured knowing that when you order a transcription from us, you’re directly giving these inspiring freelancers a chance to:

Other Services

While working on building our freelancing platform, we reached out to the BVI community to invite them to offer their skills and expertise.

These are other services that the BVI are equipped to offer:

Featured freelancer of the month 🎉

English Language Coaching


Ruth Yong Wang Theen

"I am offering English classes to various age groups. Though visually impaired (fully blind), I have not let blindness hamper me from doing what I love to do.

I have been teaching refugees for various refugee centres, Orang Asli, and orphans since July last year via Zoom platform. Apart from that, I also taught one-to-one session to my private students via Zoom. I can teach English grammar, essay writing, speaking, listening, and reading.

I am currently also pursuing my studies in Master in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) to further enhance my studies.

Please contact me should you have an online teaching opportunity for me."

Do you wish to hire a freelancer for a task, or do you have a project to discuss?

Send us your project details here and we will get back to you:

** For large orders and for potential CSR collaboration, please get in touch directly with Jasmine at or Mee San at


We are always looking out for talented and empathetic individuals to join us in our mission. We have a monstrous task ahead and we need your help. Reach out to us to find out how.


Are you inspired by our freelancers and want the same opportunities for yourself? Reach Jasmine directly by email at or WhatsApp (+6013 867 1808).

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