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Image Reader App

Matamata began as an app that we designed using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to analyze images regardless of platform.

In October 2020, five data science students formed a team called Databytes to compete in the Microsoft APAC AI for Accessibility Hackathon. The team members are Mee San, Jasmine, Kevin, Charis and Shen Liang.

The hackathon sparked an idea to create an impact within the blind and visually impaired community.

Watch or listen to the video below to find out more about the Matamata app.

Subtitles are available on the video. Or, download the transcript on Google Drive.
Latest updates on the Matamata App:

We have temporarily stopped working on the Matamata app to focus all our resources on the freelancing website (Sightgigs).

Shortlisting Video

This is an updated version of the video that was shortlisted at the Microsoft APAC AI for Accessibility Hackathon 2020.
This version now includes voice over narration for written texts for better accessibility.
Go to YouTube to view the original version that was submitted to the hackathon.
Big thank you to Vinnie, Abonti and Moses Choo of the National Council for the Blind Malaysia. See the full credits on YouTube.

Work with us

We are actively looking for passionate individuals to join us in bringing Sightgigs to the visually impaired community in Malaysia. Get in touch to find out how you can help.

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